Folding Cutter RC2512-2 (40 - 100 HP)

Folding Cutter RC2512-2 (40 - 100 HP)

Designed with smaller tractors and smaller areas to cut in mind, our 12′ Rotary Cutter has a lot of the features found in our larger folding cutters. The 12′ width, sharp turning radius, and low tongue weight makes this an ideal rotary cutter for compact tractor owners.


  • 40-100 HP
  • Cutting Capcity = 38mm
  • Pull type, LP Self levelling
  • Working Width = 366cm
  • Overall Width = 384cm
  • Min. Transport width = 241cm
  • Machine Weight = 1152kg
  • 10 Guage Deck thickness

This product is not available for purchasing online. Please make an enquiry for purchasing information.

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