The new NTS25 No-Till Seeder is avaliable in 7'(2.13m), 9' (2.74m) and 11' (3.35m) widths.

Makes quick work of your seeding tasks in renovating pastures, reclaiming right of way, and planting food plots.

Our NT25S Series Seeder comes with a variety of features built in and with ease of use in mind.

The unit is ground-driven by spikes incorporated into the rear packer-roller, however the opeator can easily

disengage any of the seed boxes with simple lockout pins on each drive sprocket or lock out all boxes with one pin on the main sprocket.

This American-made seeder comes standard with a main, a small seed and native grass (or fluffy) seed box installed.

The NTS is available as a 3-point model or pull-type model with transport wheels.

The amin and small seeds boxes are calibrated by opening the seed cups with the seed-rate regulator.

The native grass box is calibrated with a 4-speed, single-lever gearbox.

Aggressivness of the NTS is controlled by manually angling the front spiked rollers.

Seed is dropped and broadcast to the soil below,

protected by a metal wind shield and gently pressed into the soil with rear cast packer.

The digital acre meter keeps track of acres planted



This product is not available for purchasing online. Please make an enquiry for purchasing information.

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