Trus vertical tillage has become the standart for yeild-boosting seedbed preperation.

The industry-leading Turbo-Max offers agronomic benefits of both spring vertical tillage and autum residue managment.

Turbo_max blades are spaced 19cm apart on two rows of coulter gangs.

Rear gangs offset the front gangs, splitting the blade spacing to 9.5cm for superior residue sizing in one pass.

Gang angle is hydraulically adjustable on-the-go from 0 to 6 degres, offering greater felibility to match changing field condtions.

In autum, run the machines with gangs at an angle to cover more residue.

This will accelerate the decaying process and prevent residue from blowing away.

In the spring, keep the gangs straight to create a unifrom, verticallt-tilled seedbed perfect for planting.

For larger operations, the 4800TM Turbo-Max model works with today's hogh-horsepower tractors to meet growing labor and productivity demands.

With a 14.6m working width, this wider machine will effectively manage residue at a faster pace, addressing rural conservation and water quality issues through a large-scale reduced tillage system.

With available working widths ranging from 2.5m to 14.6m, Turbo-Max delivers true vertical tillage to producers of all sizes.

For lower horspower tractos, the compact 2.6m 850TM is ideal for manure incorporation, residue management, seedbed preperation, and aeration fro grass renovation after hard grazing seasons.

Running Turbo-Max can also improve water quality and contribute to conservation efforts on HEL grounds.

Turbo-Seeder cover crop attachment available for 1200TM,1500TM,3000TM,3500TM and 4000TM Turbo-Max models.



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