Kubota BX Tractor

Kubota BX Tractor

Kubota BX23SLB

Ready to meet all your needs around your lifestyle block. From the moment you bring it home, the Kubota BX23S is ready to go to work loading, mowing, digging, and more. It comes with a performance-matched and fully integrated backhoe and front loader as standard equipment. Kubota’s new Swift-Connect and Swift-Tach systems let you quickly and easily attach the backhoe (Swift-Connect) and front loader (Swift-Tach). A heavy-duty reinforced frame provides the durability, stability, and strength to complete any tough task.

It may be compact, but the BX23S’s backhoe offers jumbo size, convenience and performance. It features a spacious, comfortable operator station with ample legroom, as well as a curved boom, 20° angle of departure, hydraulic hose protection, wide sight lines, and the Kubota Swift Connect mounting system for quick and simple attachment/detachment of the backhoe. It's the ideal combination of convenience and performance for all your digging jobs.

THIRD FUNCTION VALVE (Optional) The optional 3rd function valve broadens the scope of the front loader operation by enabling use of a grapple bucket. The 3rd function valve can be activated with buttons located on the grip of the joystick.

MECHANICAL THUMB (Optional) A positionable mechanical thumb gives the BX23S the ability to grasp and move logs, landscaping materials, and other items with ease, greatly expanding the types of jobs you can do around your property. When it’s time to switch from using the Kubota tractor or loader to using the backhoe, simply lift the reversible seat and swivel it to the back. The seat also can be adjusted forward and backward for optimal operator comfort. Backed by a 2-year 1500 hr warranty this tractor really has it all! Enquire today for your full demonstration.

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