M7 Series

M7 Series


The ideal tractor should make farming more efficient and be easier on the planet. Kubota’s product excellence and concern for the environment helped us to make that ideal a reality.
Introducing the M7-2, Kubota’s new flagship tractor. It’s the cleanest, most capable, comfortable and powerful tractor that Kubota has ever built. Specially designed for the farming professional who wants a versatile and hard-working tractor, the M7-2 is powered by a next-generation 6.1 litre, four-cylinder, diesel engine with clean-air technology to help protect the environment.
Kubota wants to improve farming practices by linking performance with ease of use and farming with the environment. By focusing on these relationships, Kubota has created the M7-2. It’s the future of farming, and you can get it today.


The V6108 engine boasts the latest in clean-engine technology. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) injects diesel exhaust fluid (DEF/AdBlue®) into the hot exhaust gas, transforming it into harmless water vapour and nitrogen. The Common Rail System (CRS) electronically controls the timing and amount of high-pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion, which results in greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. The combination of these two systems with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system ensure that the M7-2 not only meets the latest Stage 4 emissions regulations, but dramatically exceeds them.


K-VT (KUBOTA VARIABLE TRANSMISSION) Available on the M7-2 Premium K-VT, this model provides a virtually infinite number of forward and reverse speeds, letting you work at the optimum speed for each job. Highly responsive and reliable, the K-VT transmission also features dynamic braking with engine-assisted deceleration, to help maintain control and a constant traveling speed while descending slopes.

POWERSHIFT 4 SPEEDS X 6 RANGES The M7-2 features Kubota’s original, dependable and automatic Powershift transmission that provides 4 forward and 4 reverse speeds across six speed ranges for a total of 24 speeds, that can be shifted without clutch. With so many speeds to choose from, it’s easy to provide the right speed for every job.

WITH CREEP 40 X 40 (TOTAL) Some special jobs can’t be done properly at normal working speeds. That’s why the M7-2 gives you 16 forward and 16 reverse creep speeds to let you do those kinds of jobs at an extremely slow working pace.

ECO 40KM/50KM For transport and moving between jobs, simply select the M7-2’s ECO mode. It reduces the engine speed while maintaining a traveling speed of either 40 km/h or 50 km/h. You’ll save fuel and work longer between refuelling stops.

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130 - 170 HP
24 Speed Powershift Transmission (Standard and Premium models)Kubota Variable Transmission (K-VT model)
80 L/min - 110L/min Pump Capacity4/Turbocharger with intercooler/Euro stageIV
3 Mechanical Remotes (Standard model)
4 Electro Hydraulic Valves (Premium and K-VT models)