Kubota Lowboy Diesel Single Phase GL6000

Kubota Lowboy Diesel Single Phase GL6000

Compact single phase 6kVA quality Japanese made Kubota generator.

The Kubota GL6000 has the following features:

  • Compact design thanks to direct coupling of the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan.
  • Quieter operation with built-in muffler, longer air-hose and improved inlet vent design.
  • Large capacity fuel tank (28L) enables longer continuous operation on a single tank.
  • Single sided access for quick inspection and easy maintenance.
  • One-point lifting eye makes transportation easy. Forklift pockets are provided in base of generator.
  • Safety is paramount with double circuit protectors, protective cover and automatic shutdown system.


  •  2 x 15 Amp Weatherproof outlets (standard)
  • Standby output of 6kVA and prime output of 5.5kVA
  • Single phase
  • Enclosed
  • Circuit protector
  • Battery Isolator
  • Emergency Stop
  • RCD
  • Deep Sea Control Panel
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • 3000 rpm
  • Fork pockets
  • One point lifting eye
  • Vertical, water cooled Kubota engine
  • Continious running capacity at full load is 12 hours
  • 28 Litre fuel tank
  • Quiet 65 dB(A) at 7 meters
  • Emergency shut down in case of abnormal oil pressure or water temperature


  • Optional Extras:
  • Long range  bunded fuel tank
  • Protective frame
  • High visibility tape
  • Hard copy parts list
  • Hard copy workshop manual

This product is not available for purchasing online. Please make an enquiry for purchasing information.

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